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Fanwood Community Foundation is a private foundation 501(c)3, fund established to help individuals, families and organizations in Fanwood.

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Giving Today

  1. For cash gifts, use our online form (see above). It's simple, effective and immediate.
  2. Gifts of appreciated assets-- gifts can include stocks, bonds or real property. These gifts are particularly beneficial for donor under current tax laws.

Future Giving

  1. Bequest by Will - an outright bequest to the Foundation or one of its affiliated funds is the simplest means of providing for your community.
  2. IRA or Qualified Plan - funding a charitable bequest made with pre-tax dollars from a retirement plan or IRA reduces taxable liability to your estate.
  3. Charitable Remainder Trust - offers a gift to the Foundation without loss of income while providing a current income tax deduction.
  4. Charitable Lead Trust - "loans" of assets to the trust that are eventually returned, usually to the donor's children. Such trusts may result in significant savings in gift or estate taxes.
  5. Charitable Gift Annuity - a life annuity for one or two lives issued by the Foundation in exchange for gift property, guaranteeing annuity payments and offering a tax deduction with the Foundation receiving your capital gift when your income need ends.
  6. Life Insurance Policy - naming the Foundation as owner and/or beneficiary is a way virtually everyone can make a meaningful gift. Policies that were never used for their original purpose make excellent gifts to the Foundation. A donor might purchase a policy.
  7. Real Property with Lifetime Use - a gift of real estate may be made to the Foundation while providing the donor with its lifetime use. Upon the donor's death, the property is the Foundation's asset and is excluded from the donor's estate.
For questions and inquiries, please use our online form.