Grant Guidelines and Application

How to Apply

Please click button, at right, for application. Email grant applications and attachments to or send hard copies to:
Fanwood Community Foundation
PO Box 242
Fanwood, NJ 07023-0100

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Confine your request to a single program or project. Be thorough, but brief. Think through your request.

Request Checklist

How to fill out the Grant Application

  1. Summary Statement (Maximum of 50 words) -Summarize the request clearly and concisely and state the specific amount of money you want and the specific purpose of the funds requested. If there are multiple items within the request, please prioritize them according to need.
  2. Organizational Information (Maximum of 150 words) -Describe your organization, its history and background, accomplishments and qualifications, the services provided, and how it benefits the residents of the Fanwood community (include number of people served and illustrate increase in service, whether to people or in expansion of programs). Show us your track record of past work. If your agency is relatively new, talk about your track record to date.
  3. Problem Statement/Needs Assessment (Maximum of 100 words) -Document the needs to be met or problems to be solved by the proposed funding.
  4. Objectives and Methods (Maximum of 150 words) -Establish the benefits of the funding in measurable terms; specifically define how the program's effectiveness will be evaluated. Describe what activities and steps-the implementation-the agency will undertake to achieve the desired results. Address any duplication of services among other agencies in the area, any collaboration of resources, or still unmet needs.
  5. Evaluation (Maximum of 50 words) -Describe how the agency will evaluate the effectiveness of the grant, the degree to which objectives will be met, and what methods will be used to achieve this (for example, increased number of participants, tracking methods, improvement to community).
  6. Other Funding Sources -A list of other funding sources being approached and amounts pledged or received.
  7. Future Funding (Maximum of 50 words) -Describe your plan for continuation of funding beyond the grant period and/or the availability of other resources necessary to implement the grant, if any. In relation to funding program expenses such as overhead, supplies and administrative costs, show how such costs and expenses will be met by other funding sources in subsequent years.
  8. Budget-In the budget, delineate the costs to be met by the Community Foundation and those to be provided by the applicant and other parties (clients/customers, other foundations, in-kind contributions, etc). Provide both organizational and project/program budgets. Also address, as appropriate, how the program budget fits into the overall budget.
  9. Professional References Please give us the names and phone numbers of two professionals in related fields and/or who are familiar with the work of your organization.

Attachments -What to Include With Your Application

  1. If equipment is being requested, submit three competing prices of the item(s). We understand that some items are unique so that competing prices are not possible; simply explain this situation.
  2. Names and positions of your paid professional staff and qualifications of key personnel.
  3. A list of your board of directors, their business affiliations and addresses.
  4. A copy of your Federal and State nonprofit determination letters.
  5. Your most recent financial statement and this year's projected budget.
  6. Your most recent IRS Form 990

Other Information You Need to Know

Adherence to deadlines, guidelines, and application information requirements is essential. Anything less may delay consideration of your request.

Grant Period

Grants are made once a year, usually during year end (October through December).

We Want to Help

The Fanwood Community Foundation wants to be of help whenever possible. Your adherence to these guidelines will help us in our efforts on your behalf. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.